Buzz NetworX Inc

Fiber & Wireless Internet

Good Internet is Now a Necessity

Buzz NetworX provides high-speed urban and rural internet services across Prince Edward Island.

High Speed Fiber and Wireless Internet

No Bandwidth Caps!

No Contracts!


Home Internet Packages

Honeycomb Rural Wireless & Fiber ~ Up to 90Mbps*

Buzz Networx is committed to providing Prince Edward Island’s rural residents with the fastest internet speeds available.

Is your town on the list? Whether it is or not, contact us to confirm service availability and book an installation.

Summerside Fiber

Hive Fiber Internet ~ Up to 1 Gbps*

Buzz NetworX  provides high-speed fiber internet connections for businesses and residents in  the city of Summerside, PE.

  • Easy switch from other providers.
  • Keep (port) your same phone number.
  • Fiber Internet from 60Mbps/$59.99 per month.
  • Only pay for the speed you need; not every one needs 100Mbps .
Hive Fiber Internet Packages
From 30 Mbps up to 1 Gbps*

Rural Wireless & Fiber

Honeycomb Rural Internet Packages**

Prices Starting at $69.99 / month. 

We deploy Wireless Internet Towers and
Equipement Where Necessary***

Honey Bee Package
30 Mbps*
Bumble Bee Package
60 Mbps*
Hornet Package
90 Mbps*

* All Packages include full duplex download and upload. Which in practice means that your upload speed and download speed are the same. For example, if you purchase the Hornet Package you will receive up to 90Mbps download rate and 90Mbps upload rate. 

** Depending on your location we have available Rural Wireless or Honeycomb Fiber Internet service. 

***Clients may apply for Funding from the PEI Broadband Fund For Residents.


Hive Fiber Internet

High speed fiber internet service for residents & businesses in Summerside, PE.


Honeycomb Fiber & Rural Wireless Internet

High Speed Wireless and Fiber internet service for Rural internet customers across PEI: 

Home Phone Service

Enjoy Unlimited North American calling  at home or with our mobile app.

Business Services

We provide a range of custom business services. Contact us for more details.